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How do you get the simplest solution to a problem?

Ask a kid!

Ellie Jane's grandmother had a problem. She couldn’t easily read on her iPad and keep it at a comfortable angle. An angle that enabled her to get an optimal view of the screen without being uncomfortable.

13 year old Ellie did some research and found that there were stands on the market but that they did not do the job well enough.

So she got out her mother’s sewing machine and invented her own! PadpodTM was born.

Her Nana was delighted and now finds her PadpodTM indispensable. Ellie was soon very busy making PadpodTM because everyone else in the family wanted one too. And then all their friends. So it was decided to commercialise PadpodTM and manufacture professionally.

Ellie's pyramid-shaped bean bag is stable on your lap, when you are lying in bed or when it is placed on a table or desk. Your iPad, Kindle, smartphone or whatever can be placed on it at any angle that is comfortable. It can be used at work or at home, in bed, in a plane in a car - anywhere!

Ellie's Mum, Jenny, is an occupational therapist, so she helped Ellie refine the design of the PadpodTM to the highest standards of comfort and safety.

The weight of your iPad, or whatever other item you are using, holds it in place on your PadpodTM naturally. There is no need for straps or sleeves, clips or adhesives. You can use your PadpodTM to hold anything – your iPad, Kindle, smartphone, cookbooks in the kitchen or a novel in bed. Ellie’s family even admits to using one as a pillow in the car and they are great on planes too.

Simple, elegant and effective. Designed for comfort. padpodTM .