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You are always comfortable when using a Padpod with your tablet device, smartphone, or eReader. Whether you have it on your lap, in bed, on a desk or table, in the car or wherever!

What can I use a Padpod for? If you use a tablet device like an iPad, eReader or smartphone to watch movies, play games, read books or attend to emails or whatever else you do on your device, you will do it a lot more comfortably with a padpod wherever you are. A PadpodTM can even be used to support books (real ones made from paper). However PadpodTM is far more than a bean bag for your electronic device. It is a great travel pillow and is perfect for breastfeeding or nursing a sleeping infant.

What is the best way to place my device on my Padpod? In our testing, people all like to use a PadpodTM slightly differently. Some place their device so that the zip is at the back and the PadpodTM label is on the bottom front right corner. Others prefer to have the 2 seams to the front. Some people like to place their device across a corner. It is up to you.

How do I adjust the fill level? Feel free to adjust the fill level of your PadpodTM so that it is just right for you. To open the safety locking zip use a paperclip inserted to form a zip puller. Pull away from the bag to release the safety lock and then slide normally. Please don't forget to remove the paperclip once closed so that it is not openable by children. They could make a mess with your fill, and worse, potentially inhale the beads. We include an initial fill with your PadpodTM so that it is ready for you to use. We believe that we slightly overfill your PadpodTM as the fill does tend to compress gradually over time. If you find it overfilled, we suggest taking out some beans and storing them so that you are ready should you need a ready top-up.

What is a Padpod made from? We use a spandex suede fabric. We looked all over Australia for a fabric which would perform to our specifications. It had to have some give, but not too much stretch. It had to have the right amount of friction. We tried some beautiful cottons, but they slipped on a lap or worse, the iPad wouldn't stay on. And most importantly we wanted a fabric that would wash and wear.

Where is Padpod made? We manufacture in Melbourne. PadpodTM is all Australian made with ethical garmet making certification.

How should I care for my Padpod?Spot clean as necessary with a damp cloth. They are also machine washable. We recommend placing your filledpadpodTM in a laundry bag and running on a gentle cycle with a medium spin. Then air dry. Do not tumble dry.

Can I leave my iPad on it permanently? Remember that while it's tempting to leave your tablet computer or eReader permanently positioned on your PadpodTM , if you are leaving it unattended make sure that it is secure and won't slide off. We recommend not leaving it unattended just in case.....

Why is Padpod different? The PadpodTM is a different shape to other supports currently available on the market. The pyramid creates an incredibly stable platform. We at PadpodTM wonder why so little use is made of the pyramid in everyday life. The Egyptians sure were onto something!

How is Padpod packaged? If you buy online, PadpodTM is posted in a courier style satchel, and individually wrapped in a plastic bag. Instore, PadpodTM is packaged in a fabulous box. Unfortunately the box does not stand up to shipping by standard post.

I'm not in Australia. We ship internationally. If the shopping cart does not calculate correctly please email us and we will fix it.

Can I order by telephone?
Of course you can, please phone us on 1300 881 635 for the cost of a local call in Australia or if you prefer +61 3 8609 1448.

What are my payment options?
We accept Visa and Mastercard. We use EWay as our credit card gateway. They have the highest level of security available. We have no access at any time to your financial details. However rest assured that your details are secured with 256 bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology with EWay.

Other questions: Please contact us at sales@padpod.com.au or on 1300 881 635 or 03 8609 1448 if you have any other questions, comments or suggestions. The team at PadpodTM love to hear from our users. We especially love to hear how and where you use your PadpodTM .